About Us

OBM began in response to…

  • A request for booklets to teach Muslim students what the Bible has to say about important issues in life.
  • The need for Muslims to find out for themselves what is in the Holy Scriptures they must believe in - Torat, Zaboor, and Injeel.
  • The difficulty many people face in trying to get these Scriptures (which make up the Bible).
  • Seeing people fascinated with Bible readings about Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc
  • Seeing wonderful changes in people as they put these teachings into their modern context and find the Saviour who rescues them from fear, shame, sin and death, and in exchange gives forgiveness, healing, peace and power to live a holy life.

What are the aims of the booklets?

  • Help Christians share their faith
  • Help clear up misunderstandings & wrong information
  • Lead to ongoing friendships & conversations
  • Inspire Muslims to read the Bible
  • To open up minds & hearts for ongoing contact.

The need

Many Muslims react emotionally to the Bible, sometimes negatively, sometimes positively. Their opinions are usually based on what others have said and prejudice, rather than knowing what is in it. For many it is a book too big or too controversial to read. But they enjoy a short booklet and discussion. This is an attempt to take one issue at a time and show wonderful truths as light for the journey of life.

What we do

OBM seeks to help Muslims understand God’s message to the world:

  • Find the true faith of Abraham
  • Realize the purpose of Jesus’ life
  • Get practical helps for a successful life that will last for eternity
  • How to get forgiveness of sin