Frequently Asked Questions

Can the booklets be translated into other languages?

Great idea: They may be reproduced, photocopied, translated into other languages, or adapted in part or the whole, for God's glory and for the benefit of people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus. If you would like to translate and use them for another language group we would be happy to share the files. Contact us at

Are printed booklets available?

  • Limited stocks in Urdu are available in Pakistan. You can enquire by email from There will be minor variations in colour and script.
  • Otherwise, the booklets with print files are available for anyone to print and distribute.

How can I print booklets?

  • Download the PDF PRINT files.
  • Print onto A4 paper on your printer.
  • Pages go in pairs: 1&2 go together, then 3&4; then, 5&6, etc. Print pages 1 and 2 front to back; then 3 & 4, etc. They will fit together perfectly if things are lined up correctly.
  • Cut the pages. Pay close attention to the layout. Notice where the pages need to be folded, and where they should be cut.
  • Collate them into booklets.
  • Staple in the center - you will need a long arm stapler.
  • NB: Coloured paper adds attraction.

How can the booklets be used?

  • To enhance your 'Bible Storying': Give them the written words after the spoken words.
  • Offer as a momento at functions; eg Christmas, Easter, national holidays, etc.
  • Display in racks, stands or tables for people to browse and take; eg in a hospital, clinics, offices, etc.
  • Read one-on-one with a friend and then offer as a little gift
  • Give to friends, taxi drivers, etc.
  • After a teaching session to reinforce a message, eg schools, ESL class
  • Offer to someone to open up conversation about a meaningful topic
  • For door to door distribution

Why use booklets?

  • They don't depend on technology but are tangible things to take home.
  • Some people will not touch a Bible but are happy to read a booklet.
  • A short message is desireable, in contrast to the Bible being too big.
  • Written material often carries more weight than something just heard.

What sizes are the booklets?

  • Mostly small, designed to fit into a pocket or handbag.
  • Different sizes. However they can all be printed on A4 paper.